Internet Law in San Francisco, CA

Dergosits & Noah LLP assists clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and nationwide who have an internet presence and need representation for protecting, maintaining, and enforcing their intellectual property. Our internet law attorneys represent numerous web-based companies that develop software and hardware for other websites, including social networking sites, as well as businesses interested in maintaining a strong internet presence. The firm also represents many e-commerce sites and web tool, developers.


Internet-based technologies present unique challenges for those wishing to use patents to protect their developments. Our firm has extensive experience in this field, allowing us to quickly identify key issues concerning patentable subject matter and the enforceability of patent rights in an environment of distributed computing and the use of servers outside the United States.

Trademark and Trade Dress

Our attorneys pursue and defend trademark infringement claims based on the confusing use of a designation that is the same or similar to an existing trademark. We also handle trade dress issues that arise when an aspect of one website is similar enough to another website that it is likely to be confusing to the relevant consumers.

Domain Name Cybersquatting

We have experience in pursuing and defending matters of domain name cybersquatting, which occurs when an entity purchases a domain name that is identical or similar to a federally registered trademark or service mark with the intention of using the resulting confusion for financial gain. The Federal Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act is in place to protect trademark holders from this activity. We have also handled numerous matters falling under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), which provides a protocol by which the trademark owner can secure ownership of a domain name.

Copyright Issues

The ease of copying and saving information from the internet makes copyright infringement an important concern for companies with a significant web presence. The law is constantly changing concerning copyright infringement of content on the internet and fair use. Therefore, to pursue and defend claims of internet copyright infringement, we utilize all of our knowledge of the law and the underlying technology to obtain results for our clients.

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